Forward by Alan Ross:

I am amazed at how patient God is with me. As the author of this book, the first in a series that will be published for Kingdom Companies, you would think I have it down pat by now. Well I don’t. And if you are completely honest, as a Christian business leader or owner, you are probably much like me; struggling to balance the constant tensions of making decisions, dealing with “secular” issues unrelated to spiritual matters, hiring, firing, making payroll, selling, buying and the thousand other decisions we make every day. All of this, while trying to be obedient to our Lord and to live our faith in a positive way.

The great news is that God understands and has a way for us to balance these tensions: it is called Kingdom living. We may be unfamiliar with Kingdom principles because we live in different political and economic times, but the call to “seek first the Kingdom” did not pass with the advent of democracy and capitalism. In fact, it is more important than ever that those of us who claim to follow Christ, actively pursuing Him and trying to be obedient to His word, learn to follow the Kingdom way. It is the only way to balance our economic or financial objectives with the real purpose of our lives; to value people the way that God does.

Kingdom Companies is a ministry that has been formed by a few of us who are learning from God and from each other and who are willing to share with our fellow travelers in the marketplace. Revival in this world is not going to happen through political or economic forces but rather through the revival of single hearts, working, leading and serving in the business world. I pray this book revives in you the spirit of the King as you begin to see your call and your career through the Kingdom lens. Join me on the Kingdom Path.

Alan M Ross, Co Founder of  Kingdom Companies

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